Annika’s boyz….

For those of you who aren’t aware, Annika was born at a time when all of my friends had recently had or were giving birth to baby boys. So, as a result, Annika has a wealth of options. A few are older men, some are younger. Some are tall, some are chubby, some have lots of hair, and some none at all. Some are snazzy dressers, and some can’t get out of their sleepers – it’s really up to her to choose. Have a look and see if you can tell which one is her current favourite!


First up is Bennet at 6 months old – a great giggler!

Bennet and Annika in their Christmas outfits

Next is Cole at 7 months. We call him ‘young blue eyes’.
Annika with Cole

There is Emmet, who is an older man – he’s over 1 year old!


And, there is little Emmet, a younger man by 3 weeks or so. (Can’t find the picture I want. Will post when I do.)

Also, there are her two oldest suitors, Joshua and Zachary, 3year old twins. This could result in some serious sibling rivalry for Annika’s affections, but currently Zach seems to the the most keen.

Annika with Zach & Josh Dec 2007