Birthday Picnic for Grandpa Basco

For Grandpa Basco’s birthday, we decided to visit a nice little spot by the sea wall in West Van (exact location is top secret!). Grandpa and Grandma Basco, Debbie, Kate, Roger, René, Helena, Charlotte all joined Annika, Andrea, and me to celebrate.

Grandma, Andrea, Annika and Grandpa Basco

Charlotte, Mark, Annika, Debbie, Helena, Grandpa

December 25th dinner with the Bascos

In a very generous gesture to save Andrea and me from the stress of hosting a largish dinner on our own (while caring for Annika), my parents agreed to host the dinner at their place. We, of course, did our best to help by making a few side dishes. My mum contributed a perfectly cooked rack of venison and potatoes while Andrea made green beens and Brussels sprouts (a huge hit, I must say). I, of course, made corn to celebrate the occasion.

In attendance were: Norman and Vivien (my parents), Debbie, Roger, Kate, Rene, Helena, Charlotte, Gerry and Jane.

Debbie, Annika, Vivien and Norman Dinner table at mum and dad’sAnnika, Norman and Helena