Birthday Picnic for Grandpa Basco

For Grandpa Basco’s birthday, we decided to visit a nice little spot by the sea wall in West Van (exact location is top secret!). Grandpa and Grandma Basco, Debbie, Kate, Roger, RenĂ©, Helena, Charlotte all joined Annika, Andrea, and me to celebrate.

Grandma, Andrea, Annika and Grandpa Basco

Charlotte, Mark, Annika, Debbie, Helena, Grandpa

A day with Grandma and Grandpa Basco

Today, we went for lunch at my parents. Annika, Andrea, and I picked up some groceries on West Fourth and we made sandwiches. Annika was especially talkative throughout lunch and impressed all with her emerging (slowly) ability to crawl.

Norman, Vivien and Annika