Annika’s Amazing Milestones

Ok, this post is long overdue, but I thought I would just update everyone on Annika’s amazing progress.:

On March 1st, exactly the 7 month anniversary of her birthday, she began to crawl (dragging along her one leg in a folded position).  A few days later, March 5th, she got her first tooth, followed shortly thereafter by 2 more teeth in rapid succession! No biting yet (thank goodness!). By March 6th, she was crawling steadily, as well as pulling herself up to stand and taking assisted steps. She is now readily exploring her surroundings either by crawling or cruising around (standing and taking steps while holding onto 3ft high or so objects like the coffee table).

Sorry – no pics with this one, as Annika will not cooperate in having her teeth photographed! We’ll try and post a video of Annika crawling or ‘walking’ soon!

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  1. Let’s have a picture of her pulling herself up with those two teeth or bungee jumping off the 3ft high coffee table.

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