Holiday Greetings and a catch up for 2015…

Family with Santa 2015

So, given we clearly weren’t going to get around to formal mailed Christmas cards this year, and in a last ditch effort to catch up with everyone – some of you whom we may have seen more recently, and others we haven’t seen for a while – we’re taking this opportunity to send our warmest wishes and lots of love to you all!

Highlights of 2015:

Spring – seems so far away now, that I can hardly remember…..the most significant event was the passing of Mark’s dad – really sad for all of us, and the girls first experience with personal loss, but looking on the positive side, Norman lived a good long life to the golden age of 85, and is and will continue to be fondly remembered.

We had a great Easter trip to Whistler – lots of solid skiing after a disappointing season on the local mountains unfortunately, and a great Easter brunch, egg hunt and fun family activities with new ski/Hollyburn friends. We are now MAJOR fans of Whistler, I must say.

Summer brought lots of camping this year. I think I was trying to make up for my illness and lack of camping last year….

Started off with unexpected, great weather during the May long weekend at Alice Lake, and included camping at Sunshine Coast, Hornby Island and best of all a group campsite at Cultus with lots of friends, both old & new!

Annika celebrated her birthday with a Circus party – so much fun! Amelie had a very creative 5 1/2 year party in the summer which she created all by herself! It was a gardening party, and with Patti’s help, kids were decorating pots, learning about and planting succulents to take home – a very unique party and a great success!

Fall flew by as we got back to school and work. We did a week and a half at DisneyWorld and Universal Studios this year, followed by a vacay from our vacay at a really chill place called Sanibel Island in Florida – a quick shout out to the lovely Brackner family we met while there – hope to check out the Smokey Mountains one day! By the way, we all loved Harry Potter at Universal – almost makes me want to go again (maybe).

Halloween came quickly and we took our annual visit to the pumpkin patch.

Winter – with the unpredictable forecast for the local mountains once again, we booked a couple early ski weekends at Whistler again this year and were rewarded with the most amazing powder I have seen in a long time! Amazing skiing, lots of fun holiday activities, including sledding, skating, and making snowmen!

Annika and Amelie’s French has been progressing tremendously – I’m getting better too! Parlez – vous Francais? Meanwhile, Annika is reading (English) novels like a book fiend! I’m serious – sometimes 3 novels in one sitting – crazy – but Mark & I are both avid readers, so not surprising either!

Annika & Amelie have been progressing their piano and are now regaling us with lots of Christmas songs – We Wish you a Merry Christmas, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Jolly Old St Nicholas and more! Annika continues to excel at karate – she unexpectedly passed her first brown belt test recently (with many more to come for a few more years!). Amelie is really picking up steam and is doing great at swimming and skiing (blue runs!). We’ve just signed up Annika for ski racing – we’ll see how that goes …

Anyways, we’re off to celebrate Christmas shortly, as we celebrate European style on Christmas Eve and luckily the kids open all their gifts after dinner – no rushing to open them at some ungodly hour tomorrow! Hopefully we get a sleep in – it’s been a while…..

All the best to you & your families over the holiday and the coming New Year! Merry Christmas, Vesele Vanoce, Joyeux Noel, Feliz Navidad, Frohe Weinachten and so on……

Lots of love,

The Basco Family – now 4 Bascos!

p.s. Annika is hoping for a pet. Given Mark & I are pretty allergic & asthmatic, this could be a problem…. thinking a sugar glider – they are small right??

p.p.s. Did I mention I looove Christmas and Santa?